Share Some Love

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Celebrate with activities that embrace the holiday.

It’s the season of love, and what better way to share some love than with cards, decorations, and handmade gifts?


Valentine cards are a holiday staple, and they can be given to anyone from your significant other to classmates. You could run to the store and purchase some, but it can be just as easy to prepare them from home. Grab some paper and craft supplies and make personalized cards, or choose some of these free printable ones:

Another option for handing out to classmates is to print out some activity sheets, roll them up, and tie them with a ribbon. Here are some sources for printable activity sheets:


Whether your child would like to make crafts to distribute to friends or just create for himself, here are some sources for Valentine- and love-themed craft projects:

From simple printables to more involved activities, keep the fun going with some Valentine’s games!


To really get in the spirit of the holiday, add related elements to your day with decorations, festive food, and anything else you can think of! Cut a few hearts out of construction paper and hang them around your home. Put them in windows to share the fun with neighbors and passers-by and make fun shadows when the sun hits. If you have streamers or balloons, hang up those, too. If you tried any of the crafts above, put those around to add pops of fun.

Cut some hearts out of paper and write messages on them. The messages can be simple “Happy Valentine’s Day” or “I love you,” or more meaningful notes indicating what you love about your kids, motivational phrases, or words of encouragement. Place these heart messages on your child’s bedroom door, taped to the bathroom mirror, or on the floor to make a path through your home.

To make some edible fun, try these simple ideas:

  • Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to make lovey cookies, pancakes, or anything else cuttable.
  • Have a square cake pan and a round cake pan? Bake a cake placing half the batter in each. Once cooled, remove both from their pans, cut the circle in half, and place the halves on two sides of the square to make a heart.
  • Add a little red food coloring to pancake batter to make it pink. Throw in a few sprinkles if you have them.
  • Put some white frosting (or pink if you add a little food coloring!) into a zipper seal plastic bag. Snip the tip of one bottom corner and squeeze the frosting out of the hole. Use it to write a festive message on a pan of brownies.

What other ideas can you think of to celebrate the holiday?


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