Spread a Little Happiness

Back at the beginning of the pandemic, ideas were tossed around that encouraged people to stay positive, interact with each other from a safe distance, and have a little fun. Restrictions may have lifted, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take some of the same ideas – and some new ones – and spread a little cheer.


Cheerful pictures can brighten someone’s day, and they’re so easy to do! One idea that my kids and I have tried is taking sidewalk chalk and drawing pictures on the sidewalk near our house. Pretty pictures and even inspirational words and sayings can add a smile to someone’s day. Take a tip from a Kohl’s commercial and make a hopscotch board or other game out of chalk. Add a little pizazz to someone’s walk!

You can also try painting rocks with bright colors, pictures, and kind words to spread a little kindness. Large, smooth rocks work best. Tuck them where people can see them – at the edges of your yard, in a public park, or outside your school!


Another simple idea is to create pictures on pieces of paper and hang them in your windows so passersby can see them. Use bold colors so they can see them from a distance. Or cut out colorful hearts or flowers and showcase those.

You can also send passersby on a teddy bear hunt and tuck stuffed animals (or pictures of stuffed animals) in your windows. Get neighbors in on the act for added fun.


Who wouldn’t love a handwritten note saying something nice? It can be a quick “thank you” for delivery drivers and postal workers, a note of appreciation for your teacher, or an “I’m glad you’re my friend” message to your bestie. While you’re add it, leave little messages for your family members and neighbors. Tuck them where they will find them easily – but unexpectedly! Some note ideas:

  • Appreciation – why you’re grateful for them
  • Compliment – something you appreciate or admire in them
  • Poem or story – write your own or share a favorite (but remember to give credit!)
  • Coupon to do something together, like play a game or watch a movie

For a little added treat, draw a picture to go with your note or make a small token gift, such as a bookmark or paper flower.


In this digital world, it’s easy to grab your preferred device and send a message to someone. You can call, text, or e-mail your way into someone’s thoughts. But you can also take it one step further by sending an e-card, photo, funny meme, or motivational message. You can even take a short video and forward that along. Why not share a favorite memory? Or make plans to play an online game together or watch a movie at the same time – and discuss it via text or video?

What are some other ways we can spread happiness?


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