Celebrate Every Day

Yesterday may have been a holiday, but did you know there are actually holidays every day? Some are quirky and some are just fun – and you can embrace them all!

There are holidays we all know, or that hold particular meaning for us, such as religious holidays. But sometimes the more obscure holidays can be even more fun to celebrate! You can turn every day into a holiday by finding ways to celebrate the quirky and obscure. Not ready to commit to every day? You can also celebrate every week or every month and still have fun!

I have found two sites that are great resources for determining the significance of every day. I apologize in advance for the ads:

There are other sites out there, as well, but I found these to be the most complete. They have a lot of overlap, but sometimes one will have a holiday or two that the other doesn’t have, and vice versa. So if I can’t find a holiday I like for a particular day on one site, I’ll check the other!

My kids and I have done this, and we’ve found lots of different ways to celebrate. It all depends on the day and what it offers. On Chocolate Cake Day, for example, we had to eat chocolate cake! And on Splash in Puddles Day? I think you can guess how we would celebrate.

In addition to the obvious, however, there are other ways you can enjoy the day. The sites also offer the nice feature that if you click on the holiday’s name, they will give you background information on the holiday, if available. This can help pinpoint what the day is really about. My kids and I would then check out books from the library that pertain to the topic and ready them together. I tried to find picture books that would be more fun, but if you have a child who loves to learn, you can also find nonfiction books that would relate to the topic, too!

I have also found arts and crafts projects for just about everything, so you can break out the craft supplies and do a quick google search to find something that works for you.

Among the holidays today, for example, is “National Neither Snow Nor Rain Day,” and it actually pertains to the post office and the popular supposed motto postal workers embraced. How can you celebrate? Here are some ideas:

  • Set up a pretend post office in your home. Deliver “letters” and “packages” to different areas of the house (this may also be a great opportunity to put toys away to their proper places!)
  • See if your local library has any of the following books:
    • The Post Office Book by Gail Gibbons
    • To the Post Office with Mama by Sue Farrell
    • Seven Little Postmen by Margaret Wise Brown
    • What to Mail Carriers Do? by Nick Christopher
    • A Trip to the Post Office by Josie Keogh
  • Try some of these mail-related crafts from Handmade Charlotte
  • Leave a thank you card or treat for your mail carrier.
  • Write a letter to a friend or family member
  • Find a pen pal for your child(ren). Scary Mommy has a post on how to do that safely.

Kids can really get into this idea, and they will help you find ways to celebrate. Let them help pick which holiday to explore each day, and help choose the books, projects, etc. It can be a fun tradition that will make every day fun!

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