Turn the Page

Most kids love stories, whether they’re in book format, recited, or acted out. Take advantage of this love to create some fun activities for your family.


If you are creatively inclined (or even if you’re not!), make up a story. It can be simple or complicated, short or long, serious or silly. Ask your child for prompts on what should happen next, or what the characters would say or do. Take turns adding a scene. Stuck for ideas? Try using story cards or cubes to get the creative juices flowing. With cards and cubes, you let luck and the pictures inspire you to create or add to your story. Here are some sources for free printable cards and cubes:

If you create a story you’re particularly fond of, write it down and illustrate it with your child(ren)!


You may have seen or heard of story walks in parks nearby. Story walks are a way to encourage families and individuals to enjoy reading a story while also enjoying a walk through nature. Pages from a story book are encased in plastic, mounted, and spread out along a path. As families walk down the path, they can stop and read the next page of the story.

You can create your own story walk in your yard or nearby space. While organizations who create story walks seek for something durable and semi-permanent to mount their pages on, you don’t need to worry about that part. Instead, you can simply spread out the pages and hold them down with rocks or stakes.

While you can certainly take apart a book that you own, you may have better luck with one of these printable stories:

  • DLTK Mini-Books – a variety of short stories, perfect for preschoolers
  • Fun-a-Day – more mini books for preschoolers and kindergarteners
  • Love to Know – printable books for toddlers through eighth grade

You can also use the stories you wrote using the story cards and cubes and share them with friends and family!


Small or large, having a space in your home that’s designated for reading can encourage a love of books. Turn a closet or corner into a reading nook with some pillows, blankets, and stacks of books! If you don’t have books of your own, visit your local library periodically to borrow a selection, or print out some of the books linked to above.

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