Make a Summer Bucket List

Summer is here! Take advantage of the warm weather and school-free days to have some extra fun!

Whether your kids will be hanging around the house or spending their days and weeks at camp, summer can be a magical time. No school can mean laid-back days or evenings, extra family time, and an added dose of fun. But how does your family want to spend the summer?

One way to maximize your time together is to create a summer bucket list. A bucket list is just a list of things you want to do – and anything goes! To start, gather your family together and explain how you want to have as much fun as possible this summer. Then ask what they would like to do. Keep a list of all their suggestions, even if they won’t make it onto the final bucket list. Be sure to get everyone’s opinions. It’s important that all family members get a say, so they can enjoy their summer, too!

To ensure you don’t break the bank, challenge your family to come up with as many things as possible that are free or close to it. Use the website for ideas or inspiration, or let your imagination run wild. Throw out some free ideas as suggestions – watch a sunset, catch fireflies, dance in the rain, etc. Items can take place outside or inside, alone or as a family, at home or away. Maybe there’s a local event that you always attend, such as a fireworks show or concert series. Perhaps there’s a lake nearby that you like to visit as a family, or something new you’ve always wanted to try. Or maybe you just want to try playing as many board games as possible.

Once all of the suggestions have been compiled, discuss them as a family. Which ones really sound like fun? Which ones could actually happen? Review your options and decide which ones should be on your final summer bucket list. Once you have your final list, write everything on a large piece of paper and post the paper where everyone can see it. Use it as motivation to take advantage of free time (and as inspiration for those “I’m bored!” moments!). Check items off as you’ve completed them.

I’ve included a sample summer bucket list below. I do not know where this graphic originally came from, but you can use it to get ideas or as an example of what I’m referring to. Personalize it to suit your family’s personalities. There is no “right” or “wrong” list of activities. Just have fun and enjoy your time together!

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