Throw an Impromptu Party

You may be asking yourself how a party could possibly be free. Well, if it’s the kind of party that’s thrown together using things you already have on hand, and the celebration is just an excuse to have fun, it totally can be!


It doesn’t need to be someone’s birthday to have a party. Make up a reason to celebrate. It’s Tuesday! It’s sunny! It’s raining! Your favorite team won a game! It’s all of your un-birthdays!

Once you’ve decided on a theme, roll with it. Celebrating Tuesday? See how many ways you can incorporate the number “2” in your planning (so you can celebrate Twos-day, get it? Yes, total dad joke! lol). Celebrating the weather? Incorporate suns or raindrops. For winning a game, add sports paraphernalia. For un-birthdays, use any leftover “Happy Birthday” supplies you may have hanging around.

Look around your home and see what you have that can be easily used for the party. Then it’s time to get creative and move on to the next step.


Decide which room(s) you’ll be using for the party, then go to town making it festive. Unless you’re hoping for the party to be a surprise, get the kids involved in making or finding items to use as decorations. These can be as simple as large pictures that get hung up, banners spelling out the reason for the party (a few sheets of paper taped together to make a long chain), coordinating toys that can be placed strategically around the room, etc. Don’t overthink it – just have fun! (Hint: this step can be helpful in keeping the kids busy while you work on other preparations, such as food!)

Feel free to use up any odds and ends you may have floating around from previous birthdays, etc. You can also make things as simple as cutting up paper into little pieces to make confetti! Keep it colorful and fun, and the kids (and you!) will enjoy themselves.


What’s a party without activities? You can utilize any family favorite board games or other activities, or more traditional party games, such as musical chairs. Want some inspiration? Here are a few sites with lists to get you started:

Interested in a pinata but worried about the cost? There are ways to make your own! Then you can fill it with goodies you already have at home – put to use those little toys that end up everywhere or small treats you have floating around your kitchen. Or you can even incorporate 2 activities into one, and hide clues for a scavenger hunt inside the pinata instead of treats! Here are some homemade pinata ideas:


Party food can be simple or elaborate, and the choice is really up to you. The party can be an excuse to make someone’s favorite meal, or it can be an easy way to use up leftovers! A favorite in my family is to set up a buffet with simple appetizer-style foods, so everyone can try a little of everything, and everyone will find something they enjoy (and you don’t have to worry about preparing a full meal). Evaluate what you have on hand and see how you can make it fun. Remember, this is impromptu and free, so don’t plan on going grocery shopping!

Even if the food isn’t exciting, the presentation can be. Mix and match plates, add pops of color to the table, or serve things in an interesting way (maybe serve spaghetti out of mugs? arrange food into shapes on the plate?). If possible, incorporate the theme to make it fun. Celebrating Twos-day? Give everyone 2 of everything on plates. Celebrating a sunny day? Only serve yellow food!


Your impromptu party can be just for your family, or you can invite a few friends over to add to the festivities. If you invite guests, just make sure they understand the purpose of the party – no gifts, no over-the-top activities. Just enjoy each other’s company and have fun!

What will your family celebrate?

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