Open Your Eyes

Sometimes the greatest fun can be had when we look at things in a different way. Whether we’re searching for something or changing our perspective, opening our eyes can show us new beauty and spark our imaginations.


Challenge your family to be more observant with a scavenger hunt! Here are some ideas both in and out of your home:


Have you ever seen something really magnified? It can be hard to figure out what it is. Try this with your family. Take a picture of something really really close up, so you can only see part of the item. Then challenge them to guess what it is! This game can be lots of fun with family and friends who don’t live with you, too.


Find new uses for household items. Perhaps that paper towel tube is now a sword, and you’re a knight defending his kingdom! Maybe that towel is really a cape, and you’re a superhero flying overhead. Challenge your family to come up with the most creative, interesting uses for items around your home. Then use them to roleplay a fun story together.


Gather a bunch of creating supplies. These can be recycled items, nature items, craft supplies, or building blocks – anything you have on hand that could be used to make something. Then make something! The idea, however, is to not have any kind of instructions or plans when you start building. Just see where the creative process takes you. To make it more of a challenge (and encourage less planning), set a timer. What can you build in 10 minutes? 5 minutes? 1 minute??

Once you’ve created your items, explain what they are to each other. You’d be amazed what simple items can become!

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